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Enterprise marketing teams run innovative customer acquisition, retention and loyalty campaigns using digital rewards

Forward thinking businesses delighting customers with WeGift digital rewards

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Marketers use WeGift to

Acquire New Customers

  • Incentivise and grow

    Build truly effective incentives into your customer acquisition marketing mix

Retain & Delight Customers

  • Reduce churn

    Nothing is more important than your existing customers - delight them at every opportunity

  • Offer world class customer service

    eGift Cards transform a bad situation into a good one - time after time

Build Customer Loyalty

  • Increase lifetime value

    Build and maintain your tribe of loyal customers by offering digital rewards they'll love

  • Seamless integration

    Easily incorporate eGifts into your existing customer loyalty program, apps and communications

New Look

“WeGift is unique in its ability to fuse business needs with a market leading customer experience that delivers increased revenue for our business”

Julian Courtney

Group B2B Marketing Manager, New Look

“The portal is simple, intuitive and can have us launching campaigns within the space of an hour - ideal for driving volume when it matters. Vodafone has been empowered by WeGift’s simplicity and we now have up to six people using Drive on a given day.”

Adam Clisby

Affiliate Marketing Specialist, Vodafone

See how WeGift is different

Without WeGift
  • Manually build a partner network of brands that your customers like

  • Manually manage payments and accounts

  • Fragmented invoicing and reconciliation

  • Trouble managing different delivery formats

  • Little to no reporting or analytics on purchasing and deliveries

With WeGift
  • Biggest catalogue of over 540 brands to choose from, all available to your customers

  • Real-time payments and account management

  • Automated invoicing and reconciliation

  • Multiple, seamless delivery formats

  • Robust reporting

Extensive selection with over 540 leading brands for customers to pick from

The fastest growing catalogue of brands from 26 countries in 18 currencies

Protect your brand equity

Instead of discounting your product or service as a means to drive acquisition, retention or loyalty offer an incentive instead. Your customers can redeem their eGift card from our industry leading catalogue of brands whilst you maintain the strength of yours. Win Win Win.

Automate with the WeGift API

WeGift integrates seamlessly with your sales, marketing and customer service tools, enabling your team to build smart rewards and incentives programmes. With the WeGift API, you can purchase on-demand, deliver via email or chat, and easily re-issue unused rewards, across the globe.

  • Build automated campaigns

  • Buy gift cards in real-time

  • Distribute via your ESP

“WeGift Drive has unlocked a world of possibilities for Vodafone. It is exactly what we look for in a technology.”

Affiliate Marketing Specialist, Vodafone

Leading marketers use WeGift to drive customer acquisition, retention & loyalty

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