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Join other leading brands who use eGift Cards to turn poor customer interactions into positive customer experiences. Exceed expectations and build stronger customer relationships by fixing things as soon as they go wrong.
Brands using WeGift to raise the bar on customer experience

For when things don’t go to plan

Unsatisfactory product or service
Sometimes the product or service doesn’t meet expectations. It happens. Do what you can to correct the issues with an instant reward or compensation.
Customer believes your team don’t care
Life is very busy. Everyone just wants the best result. There are times where it doesn’t come across that way. Show your customers you put them first with a gesture of goodwill, just because.
Frustrating experiences
Customer have increasingly high expectations. When those expectations aren’t met frustration can ensue. A little gift can go a long way to getting everyone back on the same page
Give your customers the experience they want
Faster, cheaper, and more appealing than cash or discounts

Automate with the WeGift API

WeGift integrates seamlessly with your sales, marketing and customer service tools, enabling your team to build smart rewards and incentives programmes. With the WeGift API, you can purchase on-demand, deliver via email or chat, and easily re-issue unused rewards, across the globe.

  • Build automated campaigns

  • Buy gift cards in real-time

  • Distribute via your ESP

Physical Gift Cards

Cash Payouts


The WeGift way vs.


See how digital eGift cards compare
Physical Gift Cards
  • Posting physical cards can take 3 to 5 days to arrive
  • Physical Gift Cards can get lost in transit
  • Postage and manual fulfilment can cost more than the value of the goodwill
  • Instant delivery, does not get lost in the post with no tracking issues
  • Personalisation with interactive digital wrapping paper & photo and video messaging
  • Cost effective, time efficient and operationally seamless process
Cash Payouts
  • Takes 3 to 5 days to make payment by bank transfer
  • Low perceived value as the cash can get ‘lost’ amongst the customer’s other transactions.
  • No brand alignment, no control where the customer will spend the payout
  • Higher cost to a business as there is no discount. E.g. a £10 payout costs £10 (plus the fees and overhead of processing the payment)
  • Delight customers with instant digital delivery
  • Impactful gesture of goodwill with a better customer experience
  • Elect the brand(s) where eGift can be redeemed
  • More cost effective with discounts of up to 20% on the goodwill amount being sent. For example a £10 eGift could only cost £9.
  • “10% off your next purchase” – the customer still has to pay money. A discount doesn’t feel like a goodwill gesture
  • Discounting is far too common. It does not create that ‘fuzzy feeling’
  • Discounting can have a negative impact on your brand equity
  • Gifting has a higher perceived value – the customer doesn’t need to spend their money to benefit
  • Gift Cards create that fuzzy feeling of goodwill – time and time again!
  • Never discount your brand – give a gift instead

How are Halfords using WeGift to build customer goodwill?

Halfords, is divided into two business segments, Halfords Retail and Halfords Autocentres, which combined generate more than £1bn in annual revenue in the UK and Ireland. Each business unit have dedicated call centres set up to manage customer support for instances of faulty products or service or poor customer interactions.
Halford’s customer support call centres now leverage WeGift’s technology to handle all gestures of goodwill. Halfords can close all open cases with greater speed using eGift cards and also use WeGift’s Wrap product for every delivery, providing a better and more impactful customer journey.
“Using the WeGift Platform for all of our customer experience and loyalty eGift Card issuance has drastically streamlined our entire process. We are now able to issue a Halfords customer with an eGift Card immediately via email, plus the unique delivery that WeGift's Wrap offers really heightens the customer experience. Moving to eGift Cards means we no longer have the costs and overheads of sending Gift Cards out in the post.”
Kimberly Jones
Gift Card, and Channel Sales Manager
About Halfords
With more than £1bn in annual revenue across its retail and autocentre business units, Halfords Group plc is the undisputed king of British automotive, touring equipment and bicycle retail and MOT services.

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