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What’s included

Over 1,300+ gift card brands available

All the tools you need to to drive business results with digital rewards

Market-leading catalog

  • 26 countries, 20 currencies

  • Local languages supported

  • Full product descriptions and details

Ordering and sending

  • Send one reward

  • CSV upload for bulk rewards sending

  • Download rewards in bulk

Reward personalization

  • Customizable email templates

  • Choice-based virtual wallet

  • Digital unwrapping experience


Tracking and reporting

  • View order history

  • Real-time reporting

  • Track redemptions

Customer and recipient support

  • In-app and email support

  • Comprehensive knowledge base

  • Email support for reward recipients

Account balance management

  • Universal float for easy top-ups

  • Automatic balance warnings

  • Manage transactions and invoices

Flexible payment tools

  • Pay by bank

  • Pay by credit card

  • 26 currencies supported

Promotional campaigns

  • Flash sales feature

  • Promotional discount by brand

  • Promotional campaign reporting

Marketing campaign management

  • Marketing campaign tools

  • Track campaign sign-ups

  • Campaign performance reporting

Compliance and security

  • Cancel individual rewards

  • Reconciliation reporting

  • GDPR compliant

User management

  • Manage users and permissions

  • Unlimited users

  • Unlimited reward sending

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