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Terms and Conditions

In order to receive a $50 gift card, you must:

– Work at a US-based company with more than 50 employees
– Be involved with incentive marketing at your company
– Attend a 20-minute demo of WeGift’s platform before August 15, 2021

Increase conversions, lower your CPA

Incentive marketing is a cost-efficient and scalable way of reducing your CPA and driving conversions across the marketing funnel. The logic is simple – people like being rewarded. So, with the right incentives, you can motivate them to make a purchase.

Digital incentives work with all the marketing channels you already use – PPC, Social, Paid Media, Email, Print, and TV. They help boost your conversion rates across all channels while improving the buying experience.

How does WeGift work?

If your experience with digital incentives is like most marketers, you’re probably stuck navigating less-than-ideal tech, multiple suppliers, and bulk-ordering snafus, creating unnecessary and time-consuming manual work. We’ve built an incentive marketing platform and API that removes friction from the process, so your customers can:

– Choose from 650+ branded incentives
– Receive their gift card in seconds
– Use it on their preferred device
– Access 24-hour customer service

Companies like Vodafone, Utilita, and Sky have seen a huge boost in customer sign-ups, engagement, and NPS since using WeGift.