Drive real results with rewards that work

Need holiday gifts for employees? No problem. Exploring survey incentives? Got it. Power the business outcomes you need with rewards people want.

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Fulfill digital rewards and incentives at scale

Send to one person or one hundred thousand. Download rewards through the WeGift platform and deliver through your distribution method of choice.

Deliver a delightful recipient experience

Recipients can pick and choose the brands they want to redeem value on like Amazon, Nike, and Amazon from a selection you curate for them. Stop sending blanket rewards, start seriously incentivizing the people you care about.

Track usage and understand your audience

Of course, we give you visibility into your orders. See whether or not recipients have received and redeemed their rewards to keep accurate records.

Did we forget to mention?

You get all of this without any platform fees. All you pay for is face value for the brands you're sending. Not to mention, we carry 700+ brands available across 27 global regions. So when we say we empower recipients to choose the reward that works best for them, we mean it.

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