Incentivise more purchases, drive more conversions

Offering gift cards as unique post-purchase incentives

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Perfect for businesses who want to sign-up new customers

Affiliate Networks

Corporate Advertisers

Online Publishers

Give your campaigns a unique point of difference

Offer e-gift rewards as your incentive to purchase and choose from 100’s of brands to suit your audience.

Manage campaigns with ease and transparency

Use e-gifts as your incentive method of choice. Leverage our technology to automate the entire process of creating, tracking, validating and fulfilling e-gifts for incentive campaigns.

Make your campaigns global

Reach the world, with 7 language options for your campaigns and 10 currencies to choose from


  • Campaign Builder
  • Automated Validation
  • Automated Delivery
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Global Capabilities
  • Choice
  • Revenue Calculator

Campaign Builder

Build bespoke campaigns to offer incentives to new customers to purchase your product or service. Design custom landing pages in just a few simple clicks to really make your campaign stand out.

Automated Validation

Simply automate all of your campaign parameters, such as campaign length and number of sign-ups, and let our tracking and sales validation tools seamlessly verify which customers have qualified for your incentive.

Automated Delivery

Don't worry about delivery. Our automated e-gift fulfilment feature will ensure your customers receive their rewards once they qualify.

Reporting & Analytics

Utilise a rich set of reporting tools to monitor campaign performance and revenue in real-time, allowing you to share the results with stakeholders, instantly.

Global Capabilities

Want to expand your sales channel? Take advantage of our multi-language, multi-currency capabilities and sell anywhere.


Incentivise consumers with a choice of over 130 e-gifts, from 15 countries.

Revenue Calculator

Use our revenue calculator to immediately see the impact of your campaign. WeGift is fully transparent with digital gift card discounts, breakage and issuance fees.

“WeGift are an amazing partner, who have worked on building a product which truly caters for the future of e-gifts as a solution in the affiliate market. Their technology is leading-edge and reliable, and through its use we are already seeing significant

Franck Georget, Strategy Director, Tradedoubler

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