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Questions You Should Be Asking Your eGift Card Provider

As a vendor in the employee benefit & reward space, choosing the right technology to power your eGift card offering is probably not a decision you have to make often. It is one of those business-critical decisions that arise only rarely, but with the global gift card market expected to hit an eye-watering US$ 750 Bn by 2026 – making the right decision from the outset is crucial. In this article we consider some key criteria to help ensure you make the right choice for your business and your customers. The big questions A common misconception around eGift card platforms is that “they’re all the same”. This couldn’t be further from the truth.  Starting with the obvious points, here is a checklist of thing...
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Is The Current Banking/Online Payment Infrastructure Fit for Purpose?

Everyone makes payments. Thanks to online banking, it is now so much easier to transfer money from one place to another. But while cash payments make sense to regular consumers, they don’t always add up for businesses. In recent years, we’ve seen a number of service providers enter the frame and improve the ways in which cash is transacted. Stripe is among a line of groups that have developed a new standard in online payments. Their technology offers an easy way for money to be passed from consumer to business and vice versa. Cash is effective at being able to transact money when the volume is at a low level. As that volume increases (e.g. when a business needs to send multiple transactions) the problems start to emerge. Current issues Businesses have flocked to services like Stripe and PayPal as a way of transfer...
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Welcome to the world WeGift GmbH

We’re excited to announce that the WeGift family is growing! Continuing our on-going global expansion plans, we have opened a new office in Frankfurt, Germany, and we welcome to the world WeGift GmbH. Headed by Mike Hennig, our EU Managing Director, WeGift GmbH will support our European customers and further our services for our globally-operating customers. Alongside this, WeGift’s brand portfolio is continuing to grow, providing local eGifts across more markets and offering easy access to a broader range of brands for all of our customers. There are a great variety of well-loved household brands already on-board, with many eGifts available to purchase now. From events and experiences, with the likes of Ticketmaster and Inspire Travel, to fashion, with brands such as Zalando, House of Fraser and Debenhams, we have eGifts to suit every customer. Also available are web stores, supermarkets and department stores, including Ama...
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