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Four Big Points That Had Everyone Talking at Flourish Conference 2019

Team WeGift is back following a busy few days over at Flourish Conference – an event dedicated to the future of branded currency. Much of the talk centered on transparency and the lack of control that brands have over the recipients of their rewards. There were debates over the use of ROI instead of incrementality as a method of gauging success. But one of the biggest points of the discussion was around programme management and ways of improving the fulfilment of branded currency orders. In this blog post, we will summarise the main themes around these key trends and will follow-up with a serious to cover them separately and in detail. 1. Transparency is in big demand. At Flourish, we heard from the brands that require better visibility of their supply chain. When they sell a reward, they need to know exactly what the sales stack is and how many companies it consists of as, ult...
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