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My journey to lead a team at WeGift / Career Progression

My name is Sara and I’m the Financial Controller at WeGift. Prior to joining WeGift less than two years ago, I worked in the tax industry and as a Management Accountant for a manufacturing company in the United States. Whilst working in the US, I became a qualified accountant and soon thereafter realised the slow pace of a large corporate business was not for me. That’s when I decided to take the leap across the pond to a country I had never even been and pursue a Masters degree in Finance and Accounting!  Shortly after completing my degree, I learned about WeGift and the great opportunity they had for a Finance Manager. At that point, WeGift was extremely new in the market but had already built a product that was being adopted quickly. Behind the hypergrowth, WeGift had an extremely complex finance operation but had no in-house finance team and no financial infrastructure in place. From my point of view, it sounded like a great ...
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My first month at WeGift

About James My name is James and I am one half of the Customer Success team at WeGift. I’ve spent the last 3 years in the tech startup scene, working on customer retention and success with different companies around the world. Originally my plans were to be a lawyer (hence the law degree!) but realised this wasn’t the right path for me. Startups were a really appealing alternative because I want to make an impact in a small company, to be able to see my contribution, to be flexible and fast-moving. I enjoy building relationships with customers but also building processes and trying to make these as simple and efficient as possible. I get a lot of satisfaction finding better ways of doing things. Choosing WeGift After gaining some great experience at some great start-ups I wanted to continue my career with a company that was aiming to experience a high level of growth in the next 12-24 month...
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