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How to Improve Cash Flow By Moving to an On-Demand API

There are two main ways of purchasing eGift cards. One method sees the manual ordering of individual rewards to be held as inventory in a virtual warehouse, just waiting to be sent. Each eGift is for one specific brand and value (e.g. £100 for a supermarket) and cannot be changed. The other option is to procure your eGifts instantly, on-demand, through an API. Forward-thinking companies are increasingly taking advantage of this route, which does not require an inventory, as the cards are purchased only when they are needed.   Each side has its pros and cons, but there is a major difference between the two methods in terms of the impact they have on your cash flow. Let’s explore the first option in a bit more detail.  The problem with holding stock Some providers maintain that a stock-based system is the logical way of ordering rewards. In theory, if your business sends thousands of eGift ca...
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