Supercharging growth for businesses through reinventing digital rewards

At the heart of every business is the need to attract, acquire and retain customers. Businesses live and die on building mutually beneficial relationships. WeGift meets that need by creating the space where financial capital and emotional capital meet, giving businesses the tools and technology to build better customer experiences and more meaningful customer engagement.

Changing the game

Payment stack is built for businesses to accept payments from consumers. It’s a one-way street. What happens when businesses need to reward, incentivise or compensate consumers? WeGift powers the future of digital rewards. Supercharging business growth by enabling a new generation of digital rewards to be embedded into customer acquisition, retention, goodwill applications and processes.

Imagine you could send money to anyone, anywhere, with no fees, no need for a bank account, and you could save up to 20%.

Thousands of companies and millions of consumer around the world have used WeGift to do just that, using our technology to unlock the magic of digital rewards to improve any human experience.

Unlocking value

Rewards are everywhere, but trapped within archaic systems. The digital reward economy has the potential to transform the way we trade and interact with each other.

The perfect world have access to real-time access to on-demand digital currency which seamless for businesses to send and easy for consumers to spend. This would all be at the touch of a button or available with just a few lines of code, and with discounts of up to 20%, the more you spend the more you save.

By making digital rewards a part of every software developer’s toolkit, WegIft is enabling innovators of all sizes, across every industry to reinvent how they engage with their customers.

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A better way of making payments

Digital rewards have the potential to deliver the next transformative evolution in the payments world, unlocking value for billions. But retail systems are complex and fragmented with businesses caught up in a byzantine maze of legacy systems and processes. WeGift has solved this by democratising access to digital rewards removing complexity by building a ritualized payments infrastructure through APIs that are simple enough for any developer to use, yet robust enough to power the world’s most demanding applications.

WeGift is on a mission to revolutionise a multi-billion-dollar industry that is stuck in the middle ages. We’re here to make an impact and build something unique and trusted. Building a world class business requires a world class effort, so we make sure that each team member is appreciated for the unique value and skills they bring. Our team will recognise every single one of your accomplishments as well as your drive to succeed. If you’re looking for an environment that will inspire you to dream bigger, work harder and make a difference every day, you’re in the right place.

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